100% SAFE

Listen Again Festival

3D Web development and design for Listen Again Festival. A new festival in Aberdeen focused on contemporary and experimental music.
Opening the DAW

Music Production Workshops

Ableton production workshops focussed on a full introduction to Ableton held in 2019 with another round planned for early 2022. Funded by Aberdeen City Council creative funding.
Lavendar Heated to 60c

Sound Design for Donald Butlers visual piece "Lavendar Heated to 60"

Working with Ableton, live coding and analog sythesis to create an audio representation of the work.

Split into two sections; external and internal; the work explores Berlin and it’s gay spaces in a techno-sexual documentent.

The exhibiton was commissioned by Look Again Festival 2018 for the group show Positive Geographies, curated by Jon Blackwood. Supported through a Visual Arts and Crafts Makers Award, Aberdeen 2018.


Web development and design for SOFT EIS, an independent print magazine published in Berlin. Each issue deconstructs a different topic by exploring the dualities of ideas and all the conversations in between.
2day Radio

Website for the December 2018 edition of 2day radio. A community radio project bringing together creatives from across Aberdeen and beyond.

SVG's animation using a number of javascript libraries combined with CSS.

Underground Radio Directory

Showcasing the best in world wide wadio.

Underground Radio Directory aims to bring together the best in underground net radio stations from across the globe.

URD collates all the stations into one listenable place allowing the user to discover new stations, listen to your favourites and explore the world of net radio.
Mixes + Radio Shows

A selection of recent mixes and radio shows.

Subcity Presents... D2 - 02/11/2018

New media developer and creative coder. currently based in aberdeen